Reaching Latino Kids Across the Region


Three years ago, this region launched the Developing Latino Leaders program to train potential Young Life staff to reach the state’s growing Latino population. Since its inception, five of the eleven DLL students have come on full-time Young Life staff, including George Estrello. 

As a DLL student, George was asked to start WyldLife at Spence Talented/Gifted Academy. This DISD middle school is home to 900 sixth through eighth graders. More than 72 percent of the students are Latino, 43 percent do not speak English as their first language and almost 90 percent come from low-income families. In addition, many students live with their families in Dallas homeless shelters.

George began visiting the school in September 2014 and getting to know kids. He and his team of volunteer leaders hosted a WyldLife kick-off after school and more than 50 kids showed up, including a sixth grader named John. They played games, ate  ice cream sundaes and listened to a story about Jesus.

John loved his first WyldLife experience and stayed to help George clean up. He became one of their most consistent and enthusiastic students, and last summer, John went to camp with George and other friends from Spence WyldLife.

“One of John’s favorite parts of camp was having his own place to sleep. At home he lives in a small studio apartment with his mom and two sisters,” said George. Even better, John heard the Gospel and gave his life to Christ.

“John had never been to church, and at camp he knew there was something about God he wanted in his life,” said George. “He told me that he wanted God to be a part of his life every day.”

Since coming home, John often goes to church with one of his leaders and has remained actively involved in WyldLife. “He is my biggest helper,” says George. “He loves to serve, helping me set up, serve food and clean up after club. He’s also become our club expert, giving me advice on what games to play and what stories to share.”

There are thousands of kids like John in North Central Texas who will hear the Gospel because of well-trained leaders like George. This year, the program will be re-named the Developing Future Leaders program and will include both Latino and African-American students. Our hope is to bring seven students into the program this year to be placed in Young Life and WyldLife clubs throughout the region. After two years of classroom training and hands-on experience, many of them will be ready to join full-time Young Life staff helping us reach every kid in our communities.

For more information on how you can provide funding for the Developing Future Leaders program, please contact David Morgan at 214-676-7703 or​.​

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