Learning To Believe


At North Dallas High School in Central Dallas, David played football and came to Young Life a few times. His best friend Johnny invited him to come to Young Life camp last summer with his friends, and David couldn’t wait.
David joined 27 other kids from North Dallas High School for the best week of their lives at Carolina Point. An athletic and adventurous kid, David loved cliff jumping and zip lining. However, he wasn’t so sure about club and all the talk about Jesus. Three of David’s grandparents were Vietnamese and one was African-American, and David was raised in what he would describe as a religious Buddhist family.
“Guys, I respect what you think, but I just don’t believe it.” David said during one of the first cabin time conversations. “For me to believe something, I have to see it.”
As the week continued, his leaders watched as David listened and processed. They saw him singing in club and listening as the speaker shared stories about Jesus each night. During a cabin time later in the week, Jeremiah asked David why he couldn’t believe in God.
Jeremiah wasn’t a leader, but another North Dallas student. He said, “You breathe every day. You believe that breath keeps you alive even though you can’t see it, right?” And Jeremiah talked about his own faith in God. Like many students at North Dallas High School,
Jeremiah and his family were homeless. He said that he had learned to trust God for everything, from the shoes on his feet to his next meal.
David didn’t say much in response, but something had changed. On the last night of camp, David stood up at Say-So and said, “My name is David and this week, I gave my life to Christ.”
Just as He did in Scripture, God continues to use all kinds of people and circumstances to draw people to himself. For David, it was two friends and a week at camp in North Carolina.
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