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September 18
Humble, Gentle and Patient

by Jovany Sanchez

​“Always be humble, gentle, and patient, accepting each other in love. You are joined together with peace through the Spirit, so make every effort to continue together in this way.  Ephesians 4:2-3

Through many years in Young Life, the Lord has been teaching me how to be more humble, gentle and patient with the people who surround me every day. It’s been a beautiful, interesting journey. However, sometimes I forget to love people well, because I become consumed with my busy life. So I keep Ephesians 4:12 on the front of my refrigerator to remind myself to be humble, gentle and patient, and to love people well by serving others - just like Jesus Christ did.

Is Jesus not our example? 

Content to be known as a carpenter. Happy to be mistaken for the gardener. Jesus served his followers by washing their feet. He serves us by doing the same. Each morning he gifts us with beauty. Each day he calls us to the table. Each moment he dwells in our heart.  And does he not speak of the day when he as “the master will dress himself to serve and tell the servants to sit at the table and he will serve them” (Luke 12:37)

If Jesus is so willing to honor us, can we not do the same for others?

Let’s make people a priority. Let’s accept our part in his plan. Let’s be quick to share the applause. And most of all, let’s regard others as more important them ourselves.

Are your serving other people with your heart? Are you loving people well?

I’m so thankful for the people who surround me every day and for the ones who just cross my path. Never in a million years did I think would be speaking to people from different countries, but God has brought me to a place where I get to do that. Now I have the opportunity to serve others and share Christ with them as the Lord teaches me to be humble, gentle and patient.

Jovany Sanchez is the area director in Central Dallas, leading Young Life at North Dallas High School. He moved to Dallas from Mexico City when he was 14 years old and later met his Young Life leader Alex at Hillcrest High School. Jovany trusted Christ at Crooked Creek and has been involved in Young Life ever since.



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